I’ve always believed that things of beauty and depth can elevate and center us, and I’ve spent much of my life making things that aspire to this.  My ceramic creations are objects that I can hold in my hands, hang on my neck or on my walls, and set on my tables and window sills.  I love simple, closed forms and vessels that serve no greater purpose than to contain space.  I gravitate towards matte exteriors and geometric patterns.  I want my pots to look both contemporary and ancient - timeless.

I want to make objects that bring me pleasure, but I was crazy about ceramics long before I could make anything that was in line with my personal aesthetic.  I love working with clay, because I love how it feels in my hands and between my fingers as I throw, build, and carve.  I love the constant discovery - of what clay can do in its many different stages - of the infinite combinations of slips and glazes and clay bodies that can yield surprising results.  I love the way I can be simultaneously in control of the clay and utterly at its mercy. 

In the end, I hope that my little creations do more than just take up space.  I hope that they can help define space and bring us all a bit closer together.




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